Storti S.p.a. - Saturday 15 June 2024

RGA - Remote Global Assistance

The software for customer service anywhere in the world

The RGA remote assistance software enables Storti technicians to remotely access and observe line operation in order to aid in trouble shooting any problems in the shortest time possible anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Why use it?

The use of consolidated information technology via the internet is now the norm and is synonymous with reliability. For this reason, the company offers efficient software for remote services, which provides the customers with advantages such as:

  • Immediate, precise diagnostics through the use of video cameras
  • No more lengthy attempts to describe issues via the telephone
  • Assistance is i available at customers’ fingertips in any part of the world without waiting (and paying) for service personnel to travel to customers’ location
  • The local operator, mechanic or electrician can solve the problem immediately, if it is a simple matter, under the guidance of a Storti expert who can see in real time what’s going on with the installation.
  • Any electronic problems or malfunctions can be resolved in a timely manner from Storti’s office
  • The customer's personnel can be trained remotely in case of any difficulty

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