Storti S.p.a. - Tuesday 26 September 2023

PMI – Software for monitoring production

System for receiving and processing line productivity data

To complete its lines, Storti makes this program available to help customers monitor their production. This software provides important information relative to production efficiency and any malfunctions in the line.

What functions does it have?

In order to check all the aspects of the production line, the software includes a wide range of functions. Through its use, customers will be able to:

  • Intercept and save error alarms and warning signals to a database along with the relative start and end times, for every machine in the line.
  • Identify every work session with a “production lot code” and count the number of units produced per lot.
  • Print a production report for every lot, certifying the number of pallets produced and describing the characteristics of the pallets (useful if you must brand the pallets before heat-treating them).
  • Obtain petinent information regarding production stopages in order to correctly analyze the causes.
  • Ability to access this data via the internet 

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