Storti S.p.a. - Sunday 02 April 2023

Canter Group 350/450 C for Sawmill Lines

Installation for sawmills with Chipper-Canter technology for short logs

The Canter Group 350/450 C Canter for sawmill lines provides combined technology developed to satisfy the high production standards of the clientele using circular saws and chipper heads for precision sawing. Thanks to these features, it can offer high performance in the first stages of woodworking.

Technical data

  • Dimensions

    Diameter min. mm:100 mm

    Diameter max. mm:450 mm

    Min. length mm:800 mm

    Max. length mm:3000 mm

  • Number of operators



  • Consumption

    Kw:715/800 kW (965/1080 Hp)

    l/h:139.000 l/h

    m3/s:2,5 m3/s

Why choose this sawmill line?

What is offered here is a high-speed sawmill installation. In addition, thanks to the continual development of new technologies by Storti's staff, it can provide advantages relative to other aspects such as:

  • Reduction of the number of workers employed on the line
  • Processing of high volumes of raw material 

What customizations can be added?

The systems produced by Storti can be customized in many ways by including different machines in the same installation. These products are specific lines for customizable sawmills.


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