Storti S.p.a. - Sunday 02 April 2023

PGS 350/450 R Canter for Sawmill Line

Sawmill line with combined Chipper-Canter

The PGS 350/450 R Canter for sawmill lines uses a combined technology, developed by a highly qualified team of experts, composed of saws and chipper heads that are highly reliable and accurate, capable of providing superior performance during slabbing and sawing of the boards, thereby optimizing the entire production chain of the sawmill.

Technical data

  • Dimensions

    Diameter min. mm:100 mm - 150 mm

    Diameter max. mm:350 mm - 400 mm

    Min. length mm:2000 mm

    Max. length mm:6000 mm

  • Number of operators



  • Consumption

    Kw:720/790 Kw (970/1070 Hp)

    l/h:250.000 l/h

    m3/s:11 m3/s

What type of material is this line designed for?

his line offered by Storti is a sawmill system designed for logs with different diameters and is capapble of milling the sides with the chipper heads and removing any chips through suction ports. After a first pass, the unfinished 2-sided cant can be run through again, ensuring a 4-sided cant of excellent quality.

Why choose this sawmill system?

Storti’s experience in the sawmill industry acquired over the years has enabled the company to anticipate the future needs of its customers. The system offered here is a flexible sawmill installation, capable of providing numerous advantages to the companies that decide to use it. Among the main benefits offered by this line are the following:

  • Ability to process different log diameters
  • The possibility of combination processing (2 operations simultaneously)
  • Small size


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