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Sawing lines

Storti offers a wide range of sawing lines that will enable your operators to select the best logs easily and quickly, while performing extremely precise cutting operations on the logs, optimizing your production system and enabling you to produce high quality products.

  • The sawmill line for selecting logs

    Log Sorting line

    The sawmill line for log sorting

    Extremely functional, the Log Sorting line is designed to offer customers who operate in this industrial sector the maximum efficiency by the automatic sorting of logs according to the customer’s specified parame...

  • sawmill line for cutting logs with circular blades

    PGS 300/350/450

    The line for sawing logs with circular blades

    The PGS 300/350/450 log sawing systems are exceptionally efficient. They are built for use in industries engaged in the first stage woodworking operations and make it possible to produce products such as boards and strin...

  • sawmill line with combined Chipper-Canter cutting technology

    Canter PGS 350/450 R

    Sawmill line with combined Chipper-Canter

    The PGS 350/450 R Canter for sawmill lines uses a combined technology, developed by a highly qualified team of experts, composed of saws and chipper heads that are highly reliable and accurate, capable of providing super...

  • Sawmill systems with Chipper-Canter cutting technology for short logs

    Canter Group 350/450 C

    Installation for sawmills with Chipper-Canter technology for short logs

    The Canter Group 350/450 C Canter for sawmill lines provides combined technology developed to satisfy the high production standards of the clientele using circular saws and chipper heads for precision sawing. Thanks to t...

  • Sawmill line for long logs with Chipper-Canter technology

    Canter Group 350/450 L

    Sawmill for long logs with Chipper-Canter technology

    The Canter Group 350/450 L Canter sawmill system is designed to process long logs in keeping with Storti’s high quality standards. The line can greatly simplify life for companies engaged in the first stages of woo...

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