Storti S.p.a. - Friday 01 March 2024

Nailing line mod. Flex 51/52 M – Flex 61/62 M

System with two mechanical nailing machines for 2-way pallets

Storti offers this nailing line with two mechanical nailing machines model Flex 51/52 M – Flex 61/62 M, a system for 2-way pallets designed by a highly specialized team of professionals. The technologies used within this product make the workers' job easier while at the same time ensuring pallets of the highest quality.

Technical data

  • Pallet dimensions

    Min. mm:700x700

    Max. mm:1500x1500mm

  • Number of operators



  • Consumption

    Kw:75/100 kW (100/135 Hp)

    l/h:160.000 l/h

  • Line speed

    Pallets/minute:Max. 10 Pallets/minute

    Boards/minute:70 Boards/minute

Why choose this line?

Thanks to its extended experience in the industry, Storti is capable of producing high quality nailing installations which can satisfy the different needs of pallet producers. As proof of its capabilities, products manufactured by Storti can offer many advantages such as:

  • Capability of adding customizations (in the form of additional machinery)
  • Quick change overs thanks to electronic systems
  • Speeds up to 10 pallets per minute

What type of supply system does the line use?

To simplify the work of the customers and, even more, that of the workers employed on the production line, the model offered here is a nailing system with automatic loading. Boards are not loaded by the workers, but by an extremely efficient robotic machine.


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