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Hydraulic nailing line with chain belt mod. GSI 170/270 TA

System with two hydraulic nailing machines with fixed jigs for pallet producers

The GSI 170/270 TA is a two-machine hydraulic nailing line with advanced technologies designed for companies whose intentions are to produce medium-high volumes of 2- and 4-way decks and pallets with excellent quality.

Technical data

  • Pallet dimensions

    Min. mm:700x700mm

    Max. mm:1500x1500mm

  • Number of operators



  • Consumption

    Kw:95 Kw (125 Hp)

    l/h:150.000 l/h

    m3/s:4 m3/s

  • Line speed

    Pallets/minute:6 Pallets/minute

Optionable machinery for the line

In order to satisfy the diverse needs of every customer and provide systems designed to measure for their production chains, the installation offered here is a customizable nailing line. In addition to the devices already included in the installation, it is possible to add to its capabilities the following devices:

  • Finishing machines including corner cutting, chamfering, branding etc.
  • Automatic block feeding systems for wooden blocks
  • Automatic board feeding systems

What advantages does it offer?

As a higly efficient nailing line, this system offers many advantages for companies with high production standards in ragards to pallet production such as:

  • Excellent quality of the finished product
  • High processing speed with up to 7+ pallets/minute
  • Its ability to add automation for the automatic feeding of materials

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