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Hydraulic nailing line GSI 170 TA AL

Alternating carriage system with nailing machine for pallet production

To satisfy the needs of companies that produce 2- and 4-way decks and pallets and who require equipment capable of optimizing their processes, Storti offers its hydraulic nailing line with alternating carriage mod. GSI 170 TA AL.

Technical data

  • Pallet dimensions

    Min. mm:700x700mm

    Max. mm:1500x1500mm

  • Number of operators

    Min:min. 2

    Max:max. 3

  • Consumption

    Kw:70 Kw (55 Hp)

    l/h:10.000 l/h

    m3/s:0 m3/s

  • Line speed

    Pallets/minute:1-2 Pallets/minute

Why choose this nailing installation?

The company's aim is to produce functional nailing systems, able to simplify the work of those who work in the cpallet manufacturing companies. As proof of this attention toward the customer, Storti offers system that can provide advantages such as:

  • Simultaneous production of both full and unfinished products on the same machine
  • Excellent value for the cost of the line and the quality of the pallets
  • Possibility of adding a second nailing machine to increase production
  • Possibility of adding finishing machines corner cutter, brander, etc.

With the inclusion of a second nailing machine, you can optimize line functionality and can achieve higher production rates, similar to lines of the next level, such as the GSI 170/270 TA.

What sort of industries is it designed for?

Although this is an entry level system, it has the ability to be expanded and is the ideal nailing installation for companies that want to make gradual investments. By adding new machinery to the line, it can be used to satisfy the increasing production needs of the company.

2 and 4 way nailing system for lids and pallets
System in alternating carriage mode with a nailer for the creation of pallets

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