Storti S.p.a. - Friday 01 March 2024

Nailing line mod. GSI 170 SV M/270 PV M

System with two mechanical nailing machines with variable jigs for the production of pallets

Among the variable jig systems produced by Storti, the nailing line with two mechanical nailing machines mod. GSI 170 SV M/270 PV M is designed to meet the needs of companies that produce large volumes of 2- and 4-way pallets and that require the ability to change size quickly.

Why choose this installation?

This system is a flexible nailing system, designed with advanced technologies developed by the Storti’s team of experts. Its extraordinary characteristics enable it to offer numerous advantages in the production of pallets, especially in regards to the following aspects:

  • Quick changeover (via electronic control)
  • High rate of production up to 9+ pallets/minute
  • Ability to customize the line with additional machinery
  • Ability to add automatic feeding of the decks or boards on the second nailing machine

How is the line supplied?

This line offered by Storti is a nailing line capable of accepting pre-built decks. Due to the pre-built deck automated feeding on the second machine, production capacity is still high, guaranteeing large quantities of finished products with the highest quality.

2 and 4 way nailing system for lids and pallets
diagram Flexible hydraulically operated system for the production of pallets

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