Storti S.p.a. - Friday 01 March 2024

Pallet nailing line model Flex P 40 M/Flex 140 M

System with two nailing machines for the production of pallets for paper mills

To satisfy the needs of this particular type of customer, Storti offers this new nailing line for pallets, model Flex P 40 M/Flex 140 M. This product, which has to be fed by preassembled decks, is designed for customers who produce the pallets supplied to paper mills.

Why choose this line?

The nailing installation offered here is capable of adapting to the needs of companies engaged in the production of pallets for paper mills. Thanks to the constant improvements in technology by the Storti team, using this system can ensure the following benefits:

  • Reduced foot print of installation
  • Reduced number of workers
  • High productivity (up to 7 pallets per minute)
  • Quick change overs thanks to electronic systems

What types of pallets can be produced?

This model is a nailing system for 4-way pallets, where the production calls for very small quantities with frequent fast change overs.


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