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Nailing line with alternating carriage mod. GSI 150 AL – AL 2

Flexible system with hydraulic function for pallet production

The nailing line with alternating carriages mod. GSI 150 AL – AL 2 has been designed to simplify the work of companies engaged in the production of pallets and decks, enabling them to obtain products of the highest quality, capable of satisfying their customers’ different needs.

Technical data

  • Pallet dimensions

    Min. mm:700x700mm

    Max. mm:1500x1500mm

  • Number of operators



  • Consumption

    Kw:50 Kw (65 Hp)

    l/h:10.000 l/h

    m3/s:3 m3/s

  • Line speed


Why choose this system?

Storti constantly improves the technologies used in its production lines and can provide its customers with a flexible, highly efficient nailing system, that offers advantages in many different aspects. More specifically, the main benefits include:

  • High quality to price ratio
  • Possibility of producing different unfinished products simultaneously (on the same machine)
  • Possibility of customizing the line
  • Quick changeovers to other sizes

What level of production is it recommended for?

This system produced by Storti is an installation for nailing 2- and 4-way pallets and decks. Companies engaged in the production of these items can use it to produce pallets of various sizes without any additional equipment. This will enable them to satisfy the needs of most clients, using the functions of a single line.

creation of pallets
Flexible hydraulically operated system for the production of pallets

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