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The goal of this software is to offer an advanced service that can satisfy the different needs of its customers. Storti will supply, on request, a software package for use with its woodworking lines. These programs will enable you to design pallets with different characteristics, analyse the data relative to these systems and provide assistance to your clients wherever they are.

  • Pall Pro 3

    Pall Pro 3

    The software for pallet design

    To complete its offering, if requested by the customer, Storti can supply the software package for pallet design Pall Pro 3. This program is based on a 3D engine that controls the individual stringerboards, blocks and de...

  • PMI – production monitoring system

    PMI – production monitoring system

    System for receiving and processing line productivity data

    To complete its lines, Storti makes this program available to help customers monitor their production. This software provides important information relative to production efficiency and any malfunctions in the line....

  • RGA - Remote Support Software

    RGA - Remote Support Software

    The software for customer service anywhere in the world

    The RGA remote assistance software enables Storti technicians to remotely access and observe line operation in order to aid in trouble shooting any problems in the shortest time possible anywhere in the world with an i...

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