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13 January 2023

Investing for efficiency: a technological warehouse

The feasibility study: reorganizing spaces

Investing for efficiency: a technological warehouse

With the aim of reorganizing the warehouse, Storti S.p.A. carried out a feasibility study to evaluate:

  • The sustainability of the project in terms of space
  • Possible solutions to improve internal logistics
  • The need to expand spare parts stock
  • Optimization of the material picking and preparation process
  • Integration with our ERP system

In order to expand the storage capacity Storti S.p.A. decided to invest in Modula, a vertical storage technological system capable of increasing the warehouse capacity without taking up floor space.

The implementation of the vertical warehouse makes it possible to take advantage of the available spaces and significantly improve the reorganization of the material for greater sustainability and speed during the movement of goods. 

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The reorganization process 


Before proceeding with the transformation of the spaces through the installation of the vertical warehouse, Storti S.p.A. solved some structural and organizational needs, such as the use of bulky shelving and the difficulty of reaching some areas. Efforts were made to have more space for material preparation for machine assembly and to move the logistics and search point for material and spare parts closer to the offices. These changes were implemented to optimize the time that is spent on these processes. 

The reorganization process will take its time, but the evaluation is to have a return on investment already 4 years after the system has been put into service.

The Modula LIFT model with double delivery level was chosen, ideal for storing material and spare parts in an industrial environment.

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