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06 May 2022

Storti S.p.A. has a new photovoltaic system

A big step towards greater sustainability and energy independence

Storti S.p.A. has a new photovoltaic system

Investing in innovation is the best way to propel your business into the future. In fact, investing in renewable, clean and alternative energy sources is the ideal solution to develop a more sustainable business that is thriving in the present and looks to the future.

For this reason, Storti S.p.A. has begun making investments to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment and increase its sustainability. The company recently had a new industrial photovoltaic system installed. This solution, thanks to a partnership with Ecocasa, is just the first of two installations aimed at making Storti S.p.A energy self-sufficient.

This clearly demonstrates that the company believes that continuous and increasingly sustainable development is essential, and that investments in modernisation and energy transition should go hand in hand with productive, economic and qualitative growth. It is a key investment, the first of several, aimed at achieving a green economy and corporate sustainability.

Some figures about the plant

  • Power: 179.52 kWp
  • 528 JA Solar 340 W panels
  • PERC technology
  • 3 SMA Core 1 inverters