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03 February 2023


Sawmill line for automatic and more efficient pallet production


BestPallet Kft is a Hungarian company based in Nyíradony and today it’s one of the largest producers of Epal pallets which currently represents 100% of the company's pallet production.

BestPallet is famous in Hungary for the quality of the Epal pallets it produces, which are nailed on two distinct lines. The company is also one of the few Hungarian producers that uses 4 kilns for pallet treatment, owns thermal power plant that uses wood chips from both the existing and new line.

To maintain an innovative and sustainable approach, BestPallet has chosen to rely on Storti Spa for the supply of a modern cutting line.

What lines did Storti supply?

BestPallet began collaborating with Storti in 2019, with the aim of improving the efficiency of its manufacturing, logistics and production processes, as well as being able to purchase and process logs of different diameters, while maintaining high quality.

The company has therefore equipped itself with a Canter Group C sawmill line for the production of packaging boards. The tailor-made implementation of this line allows the Client to process logs with very small diameters (150 mm) usually discarded by other sawmills due to the difficulty of processing and the characteristics of the poplar (which has many knots).

The material used by the customer is 90% poplar with an average length of 2600 mm, a technical measure used in Hungary. It was therefore necessary to be able to purchase and process logs of this type to continue producing quality EPAL pallets.

In recent years the Hungarian poplar market has undergone various problems including low plantation maintenance and significant increase in knots. This usually results in large amounts of scrap. The technology of machines used by this customer enables to optimise cutting by selecting the lengths before the actual processing (cutting).

The customer is also equipped with a log selection and debarking line. This enables further yield optimisation.

Storti provided the RGA service (global remote assistance) and, in addition, provided consulting and support at every stage, including the specifications for the construction of the shed, the walkways, the support groups, the suction system, the cut and all the technical contour part of the line.


The advantages obtained

The customer's objectives, with the installation of the line, were to increase production and decrease the manpower required to perform these processes. The sawmill line made it possible to pass from a semi-automatic production of Epal boards and pallets, which involved the use of 30 workers and the use of a sawing machines, various circular saws, cross cutting manual machines and multi-blade rip saws with introduction and stacking of the product all in manual way, to a more automatic, efficient and precise production.

  • Production increased to 100 more cubic meters of finished material over an 8-hour shift
  • The required manpower has decreased
  • The quality standards of processing have further increased
  • The waste has decreased
  • Now the company can produce wood chips and sawdust.

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