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11 October 2022


Fully automated pallet production


WEMAR SRL is an Argentinian family-run company, specialised in the production of high quality wooden crates and boxes. In January 2019 it began manufacturing pallets thanks to the purchase of the fully automated production line supplied by Storti Spa.

Having purchased from Storti before in 2017, it is able to produce pallets by means of a fully automated process. These investments allow it to pursue its goal to become leader in the production of pallets at a regional level, ensuring quality, always seeking customer satisfaction whilst making processes faster and more efficient.

Which lines were supplied by Storti?

The collaboration between Wemar and Storti began in the pursuit of maximum automation, efficiency and precision in the production of high quality pallets, always taking into account attention to the environment, safety and customer satisfaction, deemed crucial for the company.

Wemar is also equipped with its own means of transport to bring its goods to their clients. Increasing production volume allows the company to have a permanent stock to meet multiple needs. Hence the significance of having an automated line that guarantees high production capacity, with no downtime. Wemar is also authorised by CATEM (treatment application centres for wooden packaging), it is equipped with a kiln for heat treatments that allows it to treat 550 pallets simultaneously.

Storti has supplied a complete and tailor-made line for the highly automated production of pallets, consisting of:

  • Block cutter QGS
  • DAT 2008 automatic block feeder
  • DTT/P semi-automatic feeder
  • GSI 170 TA SPECIAL hydraulic nailer
  • GSP 170 pallet turner
  • GSM 3/6 combined corner cutting, bevelling, stamping
  • GSA 210 pallet turner
  • GSA 180 pallet turner
  • AGS 237 stacker

Storti has provided the RGA (remote global assistance) service and also provided advice and support at each stage.
Furthermore, the customer was provided with the PallPro2 software, for advanced pallet design.

The advantages obtained

The customer's objectives were achieved by installing the line. The fully automated line has enabled to increase pallet production, making it more precise, efficient and safe. In fact, Wemar is currently able to produce approximately 20,000 pallets per month, with 8-hour shifts, with a production potential of 6 pallets per minute.

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