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20 May 2022

Imballaggi Ripamonti

A long-standing partnership in the field of pallet production

Imballaggi Ripamonti

Imballaggi F.lli Ripamonti is a family-run Italian business with headquarters in the province of Lecco, in Olgiate Calco. Established in 1930, it is active in the sawmill and wood packaging sector and, in particular, specialises in the production of wooden transport packaging (pallets, cases, cages, frames and functional semi-finished products) that is not only safe but also have low environmental impact.


The company stands out for its high-quality cutting systems for various kinds of processing with workbenches. The client can be considered as the “carpenter of packaging” – in fact, thanks to its open-mindedness, this company is able to satisfy all kinds of customers and to also work with other manufacturers, always supplying alternative solutions and products that are much in demand for their quality and characteristics. A small gem that sets itself apart in the packaging industry for both its technology and its versatility.


The company’s new generation has been investing in new, cutting-edge machinery since 1990 to manufacture both standard and bespoke products, aiming to meet all customer requirements by offering high-quality products.

Which lines were supplied by Storti?

In order to maintain an innovative tailor-made approach, in 2015 Imballaggi F.lli Ripamonti turned to Storti S.p.A. to purchase a GSI 150 AL 2 line with a 6-axis robot and, subsequently, a Flex 50 M XL line. The machines were custom-designed to allow for the production of very small 2-way and 4-way pallets, along with very large and heavy pallets, bases and case sides.

1.The first alternate carriage line was designed to be highly flexible so that very heavy pallets of up to three metres in length could be produced. The plant has a robot that enables the company to consistently meet production requirements, even for small pallets and small quantities. In addition, the client has customised the alternate carriage system so that both case sides and cage sides can be produced, which the client delivers assembled or to be assembled, as needed.


The service provided is particularly important for the area in which it is located; due to growing demand, flexibility is required in order to deliver, even several times a day, to various customers.

2.The second line that was installed (Flex 50 M XL for 2500 mm wide pallets) allows it to further increase its flexibility and productivity, and to decide whether to nail the sides of the case on either old or new equipment.

The advantages obtained

In installing the two lines, the client’s goals were to produce different types of high-quality pallets, thus improving production both quantitatively and qualitatively, and meeting the diverse needs of its customers. The pallet production and nailing lines were custom designed, in accordance to the client’s needs, in order to obtain the best efficiency and guarantee ease of use for the operators. 


It goes without saying that, through their partnership, Imballaggi Ripamonti and Storti have so far succeeded in achieving the goals set. What is more, choosing Storti has brought other advantages:

  • 230% increase in turnover after purchasing the second line
  • 3 to 4 people assigned to the machines
  • 33 format changes per week (6 format changes per day)
  • Very high flexibility

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