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13 October 2021

Varesco Legno

A long-lasting partnership in the supply of nailing machines and lines

Varesco Legno

Varesco Legno Srl is an Italian company based in Tesero, province of Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige region; more particularly, it is a sawmill specialising in the production of industrial packaging and platforms. They are “a typical family business”, as they like to describe themselves. Established in 1947 (a historic company, then) in the heart of Val di Fiemme by the four Varesco brothers, it is now run by their children and grandchildren, keeping alive a strong bond with the local area and wood. The company covers an area of 25 thousand metres and includes automatic cutting lines as well as nailing and hand working facilities.

Which lines have been supplied by Storti?

Varesco Legno mainly provides customer-specific packaging and internal design solutions, with a special focus on product and process sustainability. They have been customers of Storti Spa since 1981; their goal has always been not only to enhance the effectiveness of their methods of work as well as logistic and manufacturing processes, but also to make production more flexible. Already the owners of a variable jig nailing line and a special alternate carriage line, Varesco has recently reinforced its soundness with a fully automated nailing line (Storti) with quick format change-over.


This automated, efficient and flexible line will be primarily used by Varesco for the production of:

  • 4-way pallets
  • 2-way pallets
  • perimeter pallets
  • special pallets.

In addition, the line was equipped with various accessories for better production management, including “Pall Pro 2” pallet design software, the SCADA production monitoring system, a Remote Assistance service and a scheduled support plan.

The advantages of relying on Storti

By installing the line, Varesco Legno aimed at manufacturing higher quality special pallets with shorter format change-over times. The pallet nailing lines were custom designed in keeping with the client’s needs, in order to achieve the best performance and ensure ease of use for the operators, as well as accomplishing the planned targets and challenges. It goes without saying that, through their partnership, Varesco and Storti have so far succeeded in achieving the goals set. What is more, choosing Storti has brought other advantages such as:

  • providing better ergonomics for the workers’ well-being
  • streamlining the workforce
  • boosting the production of special pallets
  • enhancing quality
  • increasing the production of traditional pallets
  • improving workplace conditions
  • greater involvement and training of the workforce
  • greater specialisation of the product and personnel
  • greater management control
  • lower noise level in the workplace
  • reducing the risk of accidents
  • ability to supply highly structured organisations
  • optimising transport loads
  • batch identification
  • capability of manufacturing pallets with special requirements

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