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31 August 2021

Gölz Paletten GmbH

A success story for Storti's pallet production lines

Gölz Paletten GmbH

Gölz Paletten GmbH is a company specialising in the production and marketing of 4-way pallets based in Zweibrücken, Germany. The company has a very favourable geographical location, close to the motorway, which facilitates the delivery of goods to the industrial centres in the area, ensuring a precise and constant service.

Gölz Paletten has always been aware of the management of emissions and the reduction of energy consumption, and has taken a number of steps in this direction:

  • it has recently renewed its machine inventory with 30 new LNG vehicles
  • it has upgraded its boiler with the latest generation for the combustion of waste products and the production of electricity
  • for years, prior to purchasing pallet production equipment, it has checked the energy efficiency of the equipment in relation to production capacity.

Which lines have been supplied by Storti?

Storti has supplied the company with the mechanical GSI 190/290 TA line for the automatic production of more than 10 pallets/min. The company's need was in fact to have an efficient and automatic line for the production of pallets, in particular EUR1 ones.

Gölz Paletten has already relied on Storti solutions in the past. The first line was purchased in 2002. In 2006 the company replaced the Storti line with a competitor’s line, and in 2017 it replaced it with a new Storti line

The advantages of choosing Storti

The previously installed competitor’s line allowed the production of about 2000 - 2600 EUR1 pallets in 8 working hours, employing 3 workers. The new recently installed Storti line allows an increase in production capacity and a personnel reduction who can be employed on other tasks without reducing the quality of the finished pallet. The Storti line allows the production of 4500 - 5000 EUR1 pallets in 8 hours with 1 worker in summer and 2 in winter (due to the sometimes partially frozen wood).

With this automatic Storti line, even during winter there is no drastic reduction in production capacity, which was the case with the competitor's line. 

Another advantage found by the customer was the increased build quality of the EUR1 pallet

A complete and customised line

The pallet production system was configured together with the customer to meet the need to take packs of cut boards and agglomerated caps from a specific area of the warehouse and convey the finished pallets to the drying kilns without having to use a forklift truck to transfer the materials (semi-finished products and pallets). The satisfactory final result has been achieved also thanks to Storti's decades of experience in the field of sawmill plants, which allowed the creation of fully automatic lines for loading boards and agglomerated blocks, developing hardware and software without the help of any external partner. Thanks to the considerable reduction of the personnel employed on the plant (1, 2 workers maximum) and the increase in the concerned surface, it was essential to provide the customer with a technology that has been used for a long time by Storti, which allows the operators to constantly monitor the plant and receive a message via headphones that instantly identifies the machinery or section of the plant that has stopped at that moment.

Thanks to this technology, detection times and causes of downtime are minimised - let's not forget that every minute of downtime means losing more than 10 EUR1, therefore rapid intervention is fundamental.

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