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21 April 2021

Embalajes Blanco

A long lasting partnership for improved efficiency and productivity

Embalajes Blanco

Embalajes Blanco is a Spanish company established in Murillo de Rio Leza, in the Spanish Roja. The cmpany was founded in 1995 and specializes in the production of 2 and 4-way pallets. It can count on a very favourable geographic position, since it is located close to the highway junction of Logroño, main artery which can be used to reach important cities like Bilbao in the north and Barcelona in the south-east. It is also close to an industrial pool which extends from agriculture to transforming materials like iron and plastic.

Which lines were supplied by Storti?

Over time, Embalajes Blanco has developed a production system which allows it to execute orders and guarantee delivery to any client in 48 hours max., thanks to a fully cemented 80,000 m² production and storage area, with a software managing production and raw material/pallet stock on the ramp.

The company contacted Storti to further improve the efficiency of its processing and its logistics and production processes. The objective was to make production as flexible as possible, using fewer workers (which could then be assigned to other tasks). The collaboration started with the introduction of the first Storti line at the end of the 90’s, today there are 5 production lines managed by 2 operators for each line and a production potential of 8000 pallets of different types in 8 hours.

Today, Embalajes Blanco can count on:

  • a  cover production line mod. Flex 60 M, managed with automatic board loading and cover stacking by means of two anthropomorphic robots;
  • a specific production line for 2 way pallets mod. Flex 51/52 M that can also produce covers , supplied with an anthropomorphic robot and a stacking system with a robot arm;
  • a line comprising three nailers mod.   GSI 170 SV M – Flex 52 M – GSI 270 TA to produce the quick change perimeter pallet;
  • a line comprising two nailers mod. GSI 170 SV M – Flex 52 M  with automatic supply of the quick change elements;
  • a production line for the specific production of Euro and Chep type pallets, with recently installed automated supplies mod. GSI 190/290 TA 9 M.

The advantages of choosing Storti

The pallet production and nailing lines were custom designed, in accordance to the client’s needs, in order to obtain the best efficiency and guarantee ease of use for the operators. The partnership between Embalajes Blanco and Storti, which has continued through the years, allowed to fully achieve the objective of improving the efficiency of processing and processes. Furthermore becoming a regular customer of Storti has provided many other perks, such as:

  • quick and effective maintenance thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the lines
  • a single warehouse for the spare parts of all the lines
  • assistance with the simple and effective Storti post-sale service.

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