Pall Pro 2

Software for pallet design
Pall Pro 2 is a software for pallet design.
It is composed by a 3D engine checking the single stringers, blocks and boards, which are assembled in levels, composing the pallet. These parts can be manually or automatically created and modified.
User friendliness and design freedom have been met. 
It designs all kind of pallet and box:
  • Imports from Pall Pro 1.x
  • Freely adds and removes the whole levels or single boards and blocks
  • Easily moves and aligns boards and blocks
  • Imports the personalized labels on blocks and boards
  • 3D chamfering on boards and corners.
  • Nail positioning with personalized nails and dimensions.
It is easy to use:
  • Guided creation: easy and rapid, for standard pallets.
  • Free creation: for elaborated pallets.
  • Immediate dimensioning during creation.
  • Repeated nail positioning: clone the nail positioning on different areas
  • It can be used with all operating systems (Windows, Macosx, Linux)
  • Automatic web updating
  • Multilingual software and assistance by e-mail and phone.
It helps the sale but the production too:
  • It helps the pallet producers to professionally introduce theirselves with customers
  • Immediate cost calculation of single pallet or whole lot during design
  • CAD CAM connectivity with Flex Storti lines: the producer has only to import the project realized at the office.
  • Personalized printing configuration: a model for customer and a model for the production.
  • Material specification and cubature

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